LS-2x1B4 Label Sheet

LS 2X1B4 barcode label sheet.
Use the multiple barcode labels on the LS-2x1B4 for different barcodes for different purposes.


Customize. No minimum quantity to print. Make real-time changes.

Customizing your barcode labels can be a tricky matter if you’re outsourcing or buying them preprinted (not to mention there’s usually a minimum quantity you have to buy if they’re preprinted). You can add a personal touch when you print your own barcode labels and make real-time changes to your material instead of having to get in touch with your provider to get a change made to the barcode labels.

Save Money, Save Time. One printer pass.

Valuable time can be wasted if you’re stuck trying to match up the barcode label you just printed with the correct invoice, statement, or receipt. To avoid this you can use a regular sheet of paper with the blank barcode label built into the paper. This can also save you on passes through your printer, a crucial element to those who have printer charges based on passes (or clicks) through their printers.

Multiple labels on sheet for multiple barcodes.

The LS-2x1B4 has four 2x1” labels along the bottom of the label sheet, allowing for multiple uses and multiple labels to be printed on the same sheet.

  • Patient information can be printed on the sheet with barcodes for their test tubes, wristband, medication bottles, and/or clothes to be returned to them after they’re released.
  • Packages of seafood, where the sheet details where the seafood came from, when it was received, and how long until expiration as well as labels for internal barcodes, price barcodes, and/or expiration date labels.
  • Small item inventory barcodes can be printed and then affixed to the item and/or box along with a price barcode with the rest of the sheet serving as information on the inventoried items.
  • Blood work labs can print barcode labels to be placed on test tubes with patient information printed on the sheet paper part of the label sheet.